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… true!

This headline definitely had an astounding affect on my life. When I GOT that fear was just an emotion that I had been conditioned to accept and then subscribed to…WOW!

Do not confuse FEAR with INTUITION.  FEAR comes from the mind/brain.  INTUITION comes from the soul/heart.

If you feel afraid…do it anyway. What can happen?  You will know if you can and want to or…if you can’t and do not want to! Wonderful insightful news either way…and don’t make excuses about the ‘right time’…NOW is the right time.

LET IT HAPPEN IN SPITE OF YOURSELF. This is how I have been successful at all of my varied experiences – including this BLOG thanks to Guyanne.  Even when I did not know what I was doing, I LET GO AND LET GOD and was guided accordingly in spite of myself!



Love and blessings,


For more on this, read  ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway’ by Dr. Susan Jeffers

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  • Rafael Gutierrez
    5:20 PM on January 25th, 2009

    Dear Walter,
    All your expressions are a teaching experience, a guideline to follow, a legacy for the present and the future generation..
    Thanks for all your loving words,
    Rafael Gutierrez.

  • wordswithwalter
    7:25 AM on January 27th, 2009

    I trust that all that receive ‘Words with Walter’ will feel it as you do Rafael ..for that is why I am doing this and my reason for being here and doing Gods work. We ALL need to embrace the truth and to acknowledge the many blessings of our lives and not focus on all the minutia! Such a waste of our precious short time here.

    Love and Blessings and gratitude,

  • Rafael Gutierrez
    7:15 AM on January 29th, 2009

    Good Morning Walter,
    May I advertize in your site? I would be a good way to get nice customers around.
    Thanks again,

  • wordswithwalter
    7:51 AM on January 29th, 2009

    YES PLEASE!!! Do you have an email subscription yet? And dare I ask, do you “Twitter”?? If so, you can follow me at and you will receive spiritual slaps by TEXT through the week as well. Can you believe it?

    Let it be said, let it be done!

    Love and Blessings,


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