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Returning to or revisiting the same situation or relationship continually and expecting something different? This is considered THE INSANITY CLAUSE… because the first time you may be a legitimate VICTIM, but the second time and beyond – you are a VOLUNTEER!

Now, why would we do a thing like that: Fear? Low self-esteem? Ego? Denial? And on and on and name it!

It may also stem from looking outside ourselves and to others for validation and happiness or… not wanting to take responsibility for oneself or one’s life. Not only ain’t this gonna happen, but the good news is that YOU do not need to look to any other source but yourself – and of course, GOD.

YOUR STRENGTH IS IN KNOWING YOUR WEAKNESSES. You must support your strengths and not cater to your weakness. IF YOU WANT DIFFERENT..DO DIFFERENT. YOU have all the STRENGTH, knowledge, information, tools, techniques, wisdom, and LOVE to succeed and enjoy a RICH AND FULFILLING LIFE!

Who knows YOU and your desires better than YOU???
Soooo…FEED THE FAITH and STARVE THE DOUBTS – celebrate being YOU and your magnificence!



Love and Blessings, Walter

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  • Shari
    3:12 PM on February 16th, 2009

    Someone once told me, “If you do what you do, You get what you get”!!!!

    Meaning If you always do the same thing, You always get the same results.

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