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What do you mean you never received an MBA… were born with it!

Dear is MY BEST ABILITIES.  Congratulations! Couldn’t happen to a nicer person…and the operative word is ABILITIES.

Many have chosen to believe that their ABILITIES are based on education or what there parents, family and/or friends told them or conditioned them to believe – or worse, what they SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO.  NEVER LET ANYONE SHOULD ON YOU! In many instances it was handed to them believing it would be the best for them. Y’know, “Like father, like son”, or, “If it was good enough for me…”, yadda yadda yadda!

Know that YOU ARE ONLY AS LIMITED AS THEY LIMITS YOU PLACE ON YOURSELF. That is why you need to have a great relationship with yourself and discover your MBA. Remember that it may not be what you or others planned, thought, decided, or feel that would be the most practical (not the BEST) according to your background, education or maybe lack thereof. But how about those MBAs like SMART…TALENTED…INTUITIVE…PASSIONATE…INDUSTRIOUS. These are not taught. These are gifts from the universe to be explored, refined and expressed.

The BEST for you, is what you have a PASSION for and brings you JOY. You may be thinking, “Oh yeah! Not if you were me…”  Yes! even YOU. If you do this you can be a SUCCESS! Not just financially but in ALL areas of your life, especially as a FULFILLED HUMAN BEING. (now, there’s a thought). The operative word here is FULFILLED. I personally know many who have done just this and created a extremely successful and prosperous life for themselves. You may have read and seen many of your own examples of this. If not, just check out the Fortune 500!

So dear friend…BUY A TICKET. There is only ONE of YOU on this planet. Therefore, you are UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, and ONE OF A KIND, which makes you SPECIAL. I know it. GOD Knows it. Now YOU know it. So come check out the greatest show on earth: YOU! Please…… JUST DO IT! ( whoops! a touch of Nike).

Next time someone asks you, “Do you have a MBA?”…Stand straight, look them in the eye, SMILE and answer, “But of course!…Doesn’t EVERYONE?”



Love and Blessings,


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