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Yes! I said SMILE.  Y’know, the thing you do with your mouth…well, one of them anyway!

Maybe you do it with your eyes or maybe you just don’t do it at all. Well, you should (whoops, I mean could,) since everything – and I do mean everything – feels better when you SMILE. However, if you do not SMILE or are not sincere when you SMILE this could turn into stress which, in turn, could weaken your immune system. So when someone says, “Would it kill you to SMILE?” Of course not…but you could get quite ill. Hummmm.

On the other hand they say that if your SMILE turns into laughter you are ‘jogging internally’. Now if your laughter continues to build and you cannot control it, this could be considered an ‘internal marathon’! It also heals and can stop you from being and feeling so serious…to relax and GET OVER YOURSELF. Yes!

SMILING IS VERY POWERFUL. Some smile facts: It is 2.5 times easier to SMILE than to frown, since it takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 muscles to SMILE. Nice! Furthermore, (I am NOT finished…so relax and smile) it stimulates the nervous system to produce ‘cerebral morphine. ‘ This hormone gives us a pleasant feeling and has an anesthetic effect. Aristotle said, “Among all animals only human beings can smile.”

A SMILE is a special gift we can give to ourselves and others. Besides, it is free and everyone can do it. Yes! even YOU! Soooooo, LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE and SMILE – and remember to tell your face! Sometimes because of the lack of use it may forget to respond and needs a gentle reminder.

In closing (phew!) if you wish to wake up in the morning with a SMILE on you face, sleep with a hanger in you mouth!


Love and Blessings,


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