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THIS AIN’T NO DRESS REHEARSAL. It’s SHOWTIME! And the show must go on…

The show is all about YOU and YOUR LIFE! It is YOUR script. YOU are the writer, the producer, the director. YOU cast who YOU want to play what/whom and when. The music, the costumes, the sets, the lighting, even how YOU stage it, all YOUR decisions. Yes! Decisions! Decisions! But it is all about YOU! So get over it!

This is the performance of YOUR life and there are no understudies. YOU are on!

For the big FINALE.? Throw you hands up, your head back, stand tall (Rockette like), reach out, reach in, and reach up. Be sure that everyone from the front row to the last row of your life hears you loud and clear.(and no lip syncing!) Now belt it out: READY OR NOT…WATCH OUT WORLD, HERE COMES [fill in your name]!!! And you’d better mean it!

WOW! How exciting is this? Yes! That’s because it is the truth. And even better news is that anytime YOU are not happy or feeling good and blessed with YOUR life/script….Review it, revise it, resolve it, REWRITE IT! Rewrite it every day if you choose. YOU are the star of YOUR life.

Applause! Applause! Take your bow. Thank everyone who has and may still participate in your life/script so YOU may learn YOUR life lessons.

Most of all thank GOD. It’s a big hit…and the critics are raving!


Love and Blessings,


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  • Shirley Cook
    5:33 AM on April 17th, 2009

    I’m on stage now and you ain’t getting me off. SO there XX

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