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Do you know how to breathe?

Before you respond, react, comment or????…PAUSE…BREATHE !(deeply that is) And take a moment…

For to PAUSE…BREATHE is to be clear, calm and aware of what you are saying, feeling and doing. If you embrace this concept, you will never regret it. It can change and improve most aspects of your life and relationships and how you feel about them…and them about you.

Most of the time we are not breathing fully or correctly…we are gasping…gasping for air…gasping for life! Breathing shallowly through the mouth reduces the flow of life generating BREATH to your brain/mind, body and spirit, rather than deeply from the diaphragm, which will do the reverse. This is how most singers, dancers, and athletes BREATHE.

The sanskrit for correct breathing is ‘pranayama’ which translates to “THE BREATH OF LIFE.” Yes! It’s what keeps us alive, healthy, calm, clear and energized. It is a fact that correct and regulated breathing (the inhalation matching the exhalation) can and will dramatically improve the quality of your life by bringing HARMONY and BALANCE to it, not to mention good health. Even the medical profession has acknowledged that correct breathing can calm the mind, reduce anxieties, lower your blood pressure and contribute to the healing of other health issues. WOW!

So don’t be chintzy with your BREATHING, after all it is free!!! A good deep BREATH won’t kill you…in fact, quite the reverse. When your mind is going off the deep end and beating you up, especially at night (this I know well), go to your breathing and be sure to regulate it: INHALE positivity, energy, love, peace (and anything else you choose to add without staying awake all night)…PAUSE…EXHALE negativity, fatigue and fear, and observe the peace, calm and clarity that comes over you and how differently and you feel.

I guarantee it works, and it’s only a PAUSE…BREATH away…


Love and Blessings,


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