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WHAT ARE YOU DOING?….do you know?


WHERE ARE YOU GOING?…does it matter?

Are you enjoying life or going through the motions? WHAT are your daily actions…and the results thereof? Are you AWARE or are you living in a bubble of denial or the misconception that you KNOW…spending time micro-managing minutia and believing that it is important. Hmmmm?

Do You consider HOW any of this affects your life and that of others? Do you respect yourself and others? Practice daily compassion understanding and forgiveness? Come from LOVE and GOOD?  Phew! This sounds like work. Well guess what? It is. Good work! So just breathe!

Do you get lost obsessing about yourself? Are you taking any action or making decisions to change WHAT ain’t working? Do you CELEBRATE? (are you talking to ME???). Do you observe who you are with? HOW you spend your time?

WHAT are your conversations about? Is this WHERE you really want to be and be with? Does it flow?…or is it work? Are you at peace or is it uncomfortable? Was this a good decision? Crap! WHY DIDN’T I LISTEN TO MY INTUITION?

The reason I ask YOU this is… .these are some of the questions I ask MYSELF often. Without being over analytical or fanatical but dutifully aware and concerned about HOW I am evolving and doing in this complex, amazing, fascinating life. Is WHAT I share and put out effective, making a difference, contributing positivity and accountability to our society as well as love, joy, peace, fun? I question this without judgments, rights/wrongs, goods/bads, but with loving, nurturing, honesty and know that THE TRUTH WILL SET ME AND THEE FREE. For to LIVE AN EXAMINED LIFE is to desire to know/understand /enjoy/celebrate as much as possible regarding why and what we are doing here this time. That we are living by the grace of GOD and that we are blessed and highly favored no matter WHAT/WHERE/HOW.

WOW!  HOW cool!


Love and Blessings,


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