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I am lobbying for an INDEPENDENT LIFE. How about you?

This includes the FREEDOM to be who you are…. who you were created to be…who you are seeking and desiring to be…24/7. Yes! REAL INDEPENDENCE.

It may not be possible in much of your daily life situations/responsibilities/circumstances, but I am speaking about SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. The daily word quotes, “SPIRITUAL freedom has no limits. You can choose how to fill your heart and mind. You can choose how/when to pray and practice the presence of GOD. You can let go of self-imposed limitations…open yourself to divine possibilities. Choosing uplifting thoughts, encouraging words, positive habits. Giving full expression to your spiritual FREEDOM.”  WOW! Yes! I AM talking to you!

I will add to this….FREEDOM to dance, sing, look up at the clouds, the stars, the sun and moon. To smile, to love. To acknowledge the privilege and miracle of life. To celebrate all that we have and not to focus on what we don’t have (YOU can fill in the blanks.)

Nowwww! Do I need to go on or can we agree on a WOW! And that this is the kind of INDEPENDENCE that we need to celebrate. INDEPENDENCE DAY may work for some, but I am greedy and needy and always desiring more good. INDEPENDENCE LIFE is what I choose to celebrate and to shoot off fireworks about.

Do I hear an AMEN?

Love, Blessings and Independence,



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