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My greatest fear is that I will leave this life being thought of as ORDINARY. (Yes! ME?)

Imagine spending all this time on this planet and having /experiencing/living all that we did and being thought of as ORDINARY. It would be devastating – not to mention embarrassing.  HOW RUDE!  It is not that I think that being ordinary is less. (Sue me!)  It is just that with all the blood, sweat, tears, frustration, and you name it – it would just seem like a waste to be thought of (let alone live ) as ORDINARY….

When I KNOW with that little (or not-so-little) “extra” we all can be (and are) EXTRAORDINARY. I have always thought of myself as EXTRAORDINARY…mostly because of all of the blessings and successes that I have experienced. I have always believed that my amazing life has always been “in spite of myself.” There is NO way that it was possible for me to plan/think/imagine/dream of any of the amazing experiencing and successes that I have had based on my personal circumstances. How about you?

That being said, I knew that GOD and the Universe had other plans for me – and guess what? For YOU too! Far greater than we could possibly ever imagine or dream. Remember, “MAN PLANS…GOD LAUGHS!”

GOD and the Universe already chose to give you (and me) the best of EVERYTHING. WOW! That is so exciting!!!!! It is entirely up to us! Our Choice.

Wanna be ORDINARY or EXTRAORDINARY? Come on! Kick it up a peg! I KNOW you have something EXTRA that you are holding on to and not expressing. The fat lady hasn’t sung…YET! And even if she is on Jenny Craig I am not vaguely interested in her and neither should you be.

Besides it would be great to have your company. It gets lonely at the TOP!


Love and Blessings,


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