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CHANGE. I don’t like it…never did! Especially relating to the aspects of my life that I enjoy and feel work for me.

It always seems to happen when I am not looking/asking/wanting/needing it. Usually when I am feeling comfortable, safe and secure with my life. Ouch! Let’s CHANGE that!

We are told that CHANGE is inevitable and necessary for our evolvement, personal development and success. However! I would like to see change that feels better, more joyful, less selfish, more loving, compassionate, considerate, forgiving, and healing for our society and our planet.

That being said…I just can’t get excited about the changes of today. Especially since I don’t Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or RSS…yet! Although I am on most of the above (including You Tube!) in spite of myself…(you can thank my producer for THAT bit of change!)

Why can’t CHANGE happen when we are ready and receptive – or at least willing and able?
Because we will never be ready, receptive, willing OR able…. especially when it comes to CHANGE. “CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS…CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” Sure! Just a minute I’ll drop everything!

The seasons change, the weather changes, change the clocks, change you socks, change your mind…even change of life!!! CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE, it is everywhere…whether we like it or not.

The only thing that is constant in life is (you guessed it)….CHANGE! Hmmmmm? Still not there, but I do accept it and I do my very best to adapt accordingly and YES! it usually works out for the best. How annoying is that!!!!!

It is most important to remember that the only person WE can change is ourselves. So don’t even think about CHANGING anyone else. (Yeah right, I’m sure you haven’t) It gets better? But I do believe that this is how God and the Universe works… CHANGE! or be dragged kicking and screaming. Not a pretty visual.

Sooooooo…Whatcha gonna do? I dunno. Should YOU have an answer, resolution, or random epiphany regarding CHANGE, please let the rest of us know and maybe, just maybe, we could…well, kinda…look into CHANGE!


Yes YOU!

(anything except other people that is. Don’t think you’re gonna skate by on THAT one!)

Ok. I’m exhausted….I need a CHANGE! Right now!


Love and Blessings,


PS – Must listen: Tracy Chapman, “Change”

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