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I use it often in my WWWs. We hear it often, related to just about everything, and we use it very generously.

However! That being said, how many of us really commit to anything? I know you think you do! But mostly it is a word that is used lightly and often to impress ourselves (not to mention others).

When I hear it said that “he/she is not ready to commit,” what it really means that “he/she just ain’t ready to commit to YOU!” Imagine THAT! Well ok, so what? How about YOU committing to YOU!

To live one’s life without commitment is to be a sailboat tossed about on the waves without direction. Aimless… no rudder. A victim to whatever is handed to you. Easy/convenient/accommodating…without COMMITMENT!! This WILL come back and bite you in the arse!

However, the counterpoint to this is make a COMMITMENT to YOU: living YOUR life, exercising YOUR options and choices, dreams/desires/aspirations….sharing YOUR love, joy, success, dreams, blessings! WOW!  “Wait, are you talking to me?” You betcha! DIP INTO THE CLUE BAG! There are NO free rides – and who’s looking for one anyway! Not ME! What about YOU? (although I wouldn’t be opposed to an occasional door-to-door drop-off)

God created us to be magnificent, fabulous, remarkable, brilliant and then some! So COMMIT TO THAT! As Marianne Williamson (my fave) says, “We do not serve God/life/ourselves by playing small, humble, less than great.” So do God, YOU and me a favor: say it out loud to yourself. “I COMMIT!”

C’mon you ca-ca-c-c-can do this. Let it roll around your tongue and flow though you consciousness. Have your way with it! Understand what it means, what it feels like. COMMIT to something – even to NOT committing. Hey, it’s a start…and you just may catch up.

COMMIT to…hmm, lets see…I’m thinking…YOU! And everything that this entails. I have all the faith that you can and will…in fact, God is committed to YOU being committed to LIFE, LOVE AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…and so am I, and that ain’t shabby!

Gotta go – I have a COMMITMENT…


Love and Blessings,


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