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How about WORKING IN?

Just as it takes the commitment of time, energy and money to keep your outer physical body looking and feeling good, it takes the same commitment regarding the inner body/spirit. Actually, it is more important than the outer when you think about inside-out vs. outside-in. For example, your car! No matter how much you polish/buff/shine it, clean the chrome, tires etc., if you do not maintain the engine, oil, water, plugs, and do regular tune-ups, you ain’t going no place, no way! No matter how pretty it is!

Now, when was YOUR last tune-up? Have you changed your oil lately? Gotten enough water? Rotated your tires? Checked your plugs? Do you fill up on premium fuel or junk? Hmmmmm…we need to talk.

We are a total package of MIND/BODY/SPIRIT. Which means we must treat all these three aspects equally to result in being WHOLE/HEALTHY/FULFILLED! The outer body is a reflection of our conditioning, thoughts, words, ego, desires, activities, and…WEAKNESSES! Our inner being is all about our emotions, how we think, feel and act, being responsible for our own good health and well- being, and that of others. In other words…OUR STRENGTHS!

That being said, it is not all about YOU. It is important to be good, kind, loving, compassionate, respectful of and to all human beings, as this will reflect on your own well-being. Support strengths, not weaknesses. Share and speak the truth!!! Not YOUR interpretation of what is the truth under the guise of your interpretation of LOVE! Phew! (Do I hear some justification or excuses? BUSTED!

Many people treat their pets (and their cars) better than they treat themselves and others. They make sure their pets exercise/walk three times a day or more, but find every excuse imaginable not to do the same for themselves. WOW! They even make sure that their pets get the best nutritional foods, shots, love, care – and much more that is too embarrassing to mention. Where are our priorities? CARS? PETS? WHATEVER? Hmmmmm.  YOU ARE THE MOST VALUABLE OBJECT THAT YOU WILL EVER OWN. BE A LIVING, LOVING EXAMPLE to yourself and to others. Do NOT treat yourself (or others) as a second-class citizen.

WORK from the INSIDE OUT and I’m sure we can work this out!

Whoops – I mean IN!


Love and Blessings,


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