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Today I woke up and I was AWAKE! Really AWAKE! I knew it. Felt it. Liked it. How amazing!

I was back. I was free. I was me. Thank you GOD!

You may be thinking, “But we wake up every day.”  Yes! But we aren’t necessarily AWAKE. Much of the time we are sleeping..mentally, spiritually, physically…sliding, gliding, shuffling, dragging through life. Sleep Walking. Doing all kinds of things – but we are definitely not AWAKE until we are experiencing, seeing, feeling, thinking, and celebrating who we really ARE!

WOW! Look what we have been missing: our life in big CAPS rather than small, misleading lower-case words. Controlling our margins rather than LETTING THEM LEAK!

Today I woke up and knew I was AWAKE. That  LIFE IS A PRIVILEGE AND A MIRACLE. I knew that my physical body, spiritual being, and mental attitude were all present and AWAKE in the here and now. At the top of their performance. Ready to GO! BE! DO! I was eager  to participate and I was NOT going to get in my own way. AMEN!

I had been sleep walking for a while. However! Through the GRACE OF GOD, FEEDING THE FAITH and definitely STARVING THE DOUBTS, I’m happy to say, “I’M BAAAAACK!” Embracing life and moving forward, once again being proactive and responsible for my life and the quality thereof.

Phew! Back to being the me I was created to be, and sharing it all with yooz guys (and de  udders too!)

I love being AWAKE. How about YOU? Wanna play? I’m available!


Love & Blessings,


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  • ryan
    4:52 PM on September 21st, 2009

    hey walter, i’m good friends with john barbato, who sent me this link. i’d love to be a “subscriber,” so hopefully this will do it! thanks a lot..

  • Lori
    10:56 AM on September 23rd, 2009

    I love running into you at random places! I’m AWAKE as well! Smell the coffee?

    -Amazing’s Mom

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