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Dating…yourself, that is. Did you ever? No? Well are you in for a treat!

I know it may sound queer to you. However, get over it…. it ain’t!

Just think about it. Pause. Breathe. This is not gender specific.

O.K. let me explain before you press delete…

We put in all the time, thought, money, and effort in the world when it is regarding another, especially if you are dating them…and you think they are dating you. (Hmmmm…that’s deep) Nothing is too much. First the menu. What recipes? Wine? Table setting? Good china? Music? Candles? Shit! What should I wear? Hair up or down (female only…well, maybe not!) etc. etc.

NOW! Don’t even think about denying this. If you do, you may delete this now… but KNOW… that you LIE! (or at least are in denial).

That being said…

Doing all this (and more) for somebody else and not doing it for yourself. Now THAT’S queer!!!!

How about doing all this for yourself? You may not need to go as far as hair up or down….but gimme a break! You certainly deserve more than….ordering in or taking out? Defrosting left over’s (not even yours!) Using the old china or plastic! (or even worse, the delivery containers! ugh! Eating standing over the sink???? Watching TV? Drinking diet-whatever? (I’ll be nice and not even mention eating in your jammies…)


I am not suggesting that you should do one or the other all the time. But I AM saying that YOU are worth doing all THAT and more. You are SOMEONE SPECIAL and worth it! Hello! Can I get an ‘AMEN’ or a ‘WOW’ !

LIVE!!!!!! Stop treating yourself like a second class citizen who is deserving of less than the BEST! Not to mention handing over your power. Ouch! (That’s another WWW)

The Universe does not discriminate. If this is what you send out regarding what you feel and think that you are deserving or worthy of, that is exactly what the Universe will support and what YOU WILL MANIFEST and RECEIVE. Trust me on this!

DO UNTO TO OTHERS but DO YOUR SELF FIRST –  that’s my mantra!

Make a DATE WITH YOURSELF. Show the Universe (and yourself) that you deserve, desire and are ready to receive only the very BEST! Be your own example in all aspects of your life regarding what is acceptable. Do not expect others to be mind-readers. Major faux pas! (English translation ‘BIIIIIIG MISTAKE’)

SO IT’S QUEER! What isn’t? Who’s judging? Not me. How about YOU?

Soooooo. When’s your next DATE? With whom? OK! None of my business. I trust it’s with YOU!

Send pictures please!


Love and Blessings,


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  • Richard
    4:50 PM on March 7th, 2010

    we spoke about this…..u r so right…and Sunday late afternoon I topped it all off (loving weekend to myself) with a little porn my self gratification-lovely 🙂 LOL

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