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YOU?……….Who said so?…..Your family, friends, society? The waitperson,the cabdriver, everyone? Strangers….Yep! Strangers.

Why do YOU think/feel/believe that others know YOU? Who YOU are? What is best for YOU? What makes YOU happy? etc. Why do we listen to everyone except ourselves?

Welllllll, since YOU asked…(this is going to be a good one ) I’m excited! Are YOU?

From the time we are born we are labeled: boy/girl, thin/fat, cute/not, good/bad, short/tall, teenager/adult, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, mother/father/grandfa…STOP Walter! We get it!!

As life moves on, the labels continue regarding race, religion, professions, preferences, positions etc. They usually aren’t complete descriptions of ourselves (at best) or (at worst) may be completely incorrect, unfounded and often, not nice…yet we spend much of our time (and our lives) trying to live up to other people’s images of us. And all the while, denying, frustrating and even disappointing ourselves.

Without being aware of it, we become simply a mass of names and labels that others chose for us and, consequently, we lose ourselves and our true identity! This leaves us unfulfilled and…. ( you fill this one in – “Pissed” would be O.K.!)

That being said…the only label that matters and has any real significance is…”YOU!” (Can I get an AMEN!) Who would know more about YOU? Who YOU are? What is best for YOU? What makes YOU happy?  Duh! YOU !

It is fine to listen to the opinions of others (provided that you feel they truly care – or better still, have some real insight regarding YOU), but YOU will always know more! Looking for approval/acknowledgement/acceptance/love etc, from others can become a career and it is extremely exhausting – not to mention totally unnecessary, for YOU are totally capable of doing all this for yourself and MORE!


There is only one of YOU on this planet. That makes YOU a unique individual with no need to act, think, feel, talk, look, or be like anyone else but YOU! Take the time to know yourself (at least as much time as you take to know others) INSIDE-OUT and OUTSIDE-IN. YOU are worth it! YOU deserve it!

Always aspire to be better…knowing that THE BEST IS YET TO COME. Keep improving, refining, evolving, celebrating, and sharing the amazing, remarkable, magnificent being that GOD created YOU to be! Now there’s someone who REALLY knows YOU!



Love and Blessings,


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