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Are you always seeking/looking for/desiring them? Of course you are? Me too!

It wouldn’t be human not to seek ANSWERS.

ANSWERS come quietly. When we are STILL, receptive, available and ready to REALLY listen to our intuition and the UNIVERSE. Not when we are moving, noisy, going, doing, planning, shopping!!!! Distracting ourselves thinking THIS will make us happy? Shopping for happiness? I think NOT! (but that’s another WWW)

Doing anything but BEING…just being…a HUMAN BEING…QUIET..STILL..PEACEFUL. Wooaaaa! Not that! Yes! For that is exactly what is necessary to receive ANSWERS.

Activity is a disease of our society. It makes us feel important and maybe even interesting. ACTIVITY IS NEGATIVE. ACTION IS POSITVE. ( There is a HUGE difference. Think about it!) YES! think about it!

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS…YOU ALSO HAVE THE ANSWERS. We were not created to only have questions. We have become lazy. Handing over our power and expecting others (society, therapists, whomever, whatever) to give us the answers to OUR life!

DIP INTO THE CLUE BAG! It aint gonna happen! This is the good news. Take responsibility for your own life. Celebrate the fact that you can. Pray that you WILL.


WOW! What was that? An ANSWER? Wellllll! I’ll be ….blessed!

QUESTIONS? ANSWERS? Yes! If you let God in, He WILL answer.


Love & Blessings,


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