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Sitting here with many, many,WWWs….Great stuff. So what!!!

Right now none of them are what I want to share with you. Sure, they are great. You would love them…because it is all good/inspiring/beneficial stuff. That being said…

Right now, I am full of emotion regarding how difficult it is to be ME/YOU: a SPIRITUAL being having a HUMAN experience. I feel we have two careers. One taking care of and being responsible for “the most valuable object we will ever own.” Two…. transcending being human in this society and all of the toxicity that is coming at us from every which way and them some:  physical/mental/emotional/spiritual pollution – much of which WE are responsible for generating.

WE are not only major contributors, but very successful at polluting with our inane, incessant, inconsequential, fearful, unimportant, gossip, chatter, conversations, actions etc. daily! PHEW! Are you talking to ME? No! I’m talking to US!

Negative sounds, words, thoughts, and intentions are all pollutants. Don’t focus on the screaming sirens, global warming, failing economy, corrupt politicians etc. Focus on YOU! What you are doing, saying, thinking, generating and STOP IT! Listen to yourself. You may be in for huge surprise. Uh! huh!. Time for another AMEN!

We all have amazing powers which can be used either POSITIVELY or NEGATIVELY. WE can be proactive when it comes to NOT polluting our precious environment. YES! US! How do WE do this? By staying AWARE, listening to ourselves (not others) and what WE are expressing and creating! Yes! CREATING………. Whoaaaa!

Choose to live in HEAVEN on earth… not that other place.(cant say it!). Too hot! (And NO, I ain’t talkin about Florida.)

LIFE is a PRIVILEGE and a MIRACLE….Mine is anyway! I Can’t LIVE without it.

And neither can YOU!


Love and Blessings,


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  • MIlly
    9:33 AM on November 5th, 2009

    This is a perfect example, why I don’t due news, gossip and definitely don’t due “politics”(needed to google the word, don’t even know how to spell it!!!!)
    so, now there for you!!!!! I am definitely on the write track…….
    Oh yeah, and maybe WWW should write a little something about “FAMILY”?????


  • Shirley
    5:16 AM on November 7th, 2009

    I am learning so much from you, if only you had this site earlier in my life still at least I can make the best of the rest of it as I approach the next milestone. There is so much clutter in our heads its nice just to block all that out and think clearly.

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