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Of course you have them. We all do. In fact we have EXPECTATIONS regarding just about everything and everyone pertaining to our lives and the lives of others.

Should we not express them? Think this way? (this IS a trick question)

YES or NO?

YES! If you change your EXPECTATIONS to PREFERENCES and receive some pleasant SURPRISES!

NO! If you live a life of EXPECTATIONS and are constantly DISAPPOINTED!

Now who wouldn’t rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed? ME! YOU? The difference in the emotions regarding these choices are astonishing!

That being said, expectations are a SET UP. Who/what can live up to our EXPECTATIONS that are mostly unrealistic/impossible/improbable thinking. Yes! STINKING THINKING! What WE WANT! MUST HAVE! MUST BE! or we WILL die! DRAMA QUEENS? Yes!

Time to PAUSE? BREATHE and get over yourself. Why? Because we are constantly GETTING IN OWN WAY. Wanting/whining/figuring/manipulating to have things (and beings) OUR way. So unattractive….and not how IT works at all!

You may want to think about THIS also: the need to have others behave YOUR way for you to feel good regarding YOUR life smacks of CODEPENDENCY. Hmmmmmm? NOT going there! (that’s another WWW).

So how about some lovely surprises? C’mon, you know you’d love it. Simply change your EXPECTATIONS to PREFERENCES and don’t set YOURSELF up to be disappointed.

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Yes, this time I AM talking to YOU!


Love & Blessings,

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