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I know that 2009 was not ‘divine’ for many. Many of you went through dramatic changes and losses . Me included. However, I have witnessed those that I know personally (this also includes me!) ending the year ful-filling in the new year with long-awaited dreams in a big way. In spite of it all, remember and know that THE CREAM ALWAYS RISES TO THE TOP and GOD IS ALWAYS ON TIME.

Lessons learned do NOT come easily. But then again, what does? That being said…GOD (along with our talents)
gave us the strength and ability to GO and GROW through such times. (Y’know the one about making lemonade out of lemons…sorry couldn’t help it). Repeat after me: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, BECAUSE GOD AND I ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

Let’s start 2010 by  cleaning. NO! Not your drawers and closets etc., I know you know how to do that! I’m talking “emotional cleaning” i.e. Behaviors and patterns that have NEVER worked. Toxic relationships. Yep! That includes family and friends.( I’m talking SERIOUS cleaning here). Living in the past. Holding on to anger. Not Forgiving. Negative self-talk. Stinking thinking. Nasty habits (you know what they are!).

I will stop listing now because YOU KNOW what needs to be cleaned UP/OUT/DISPOSED/DELETED/DISMISSED/DUMPED!

My Darlings, you have work to do!!!

Forget the weary, dreary, worn-out New Year resolutions. We never keep them. Do YOU? Soooooooo BUSTED! Can I get an AMEN?

Activate your willingness. Commit to cleaning up your life.  GET OVER IT and GET ON WITH IT. This is YOUR life speeding by. THERE AINT NO FREE RIDES.  But the best news IS……You don’t need one. (a free ride that is!)

Open your heart and mind to a life of NEW beginnings/adventures/successes/relationships/outfits?

Rejoice! You are BLESSED and highly favored and your new mantra is….

THE BEST IS WHEN? Why of course: 2010!



Love and Blessings,


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