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I don’t TWITTER. I do not TEXT. I most definitely do not space on FACE book. I do have a cell phone, but I cannot even remember my number and I rarely turn it on, much to the frustrations of many…

That being said, I trust you will agree that I do know how to COMMUNICATE! Can I get an AMEN?

I am here/there/everywhere. Always ‘on time’ when needed or wanted, and do not miss one blessed thing! Am I in denial? Not technologically involved or savvy? YEP! You betcha! I’d rather speak/talk/chat anytime. Oh Yeah!
Why? Because I want to hear your voice, listen to you breathe ( not for too long), hear your doubts, questions, fears, your hesitations, your joys, successes, frustrations, laughter, and smile (Yes! People can HEAR you smile!) At times, I even want to hear your ramblings and babble. (I know! I know! It sounds like me. I have NEVER denied it.)

What happened to human communications? What is with this having a conversation with prompts, recordings, and no one actually there? How RUDE!!

The English language is exquisite, expressive, exceptional. I love wonderful words and sounds like:


Think of some of your own words…

It can be and FEEL sooooooooo creative. Capturing the joy of listening to another. Gazing at their countenance (nice word), their sparkling eyes while you exchange words, sounds, gestures, and knowing looks. WOW! How lovely does THAT sound? You’ll never experience this NO matter how long you tweet, text, face or prompt. Trust me!

Rediscover and celebrate the ART of conversation, damn it! (Whoops – nearly lost it. I meant, Bless it!)

Replace your twittering, texting, and facebooking with talking, conversing, and communicating with each other. Exercise your mouth. (Yes, you have permission!) Give your fingers a rest. Stop looking down. Look up! You may love what you see. You might even be pleasantly surprised! Re-join the human race as WE were created to be.

GOD gave you eyes to SEE…..Ears to HEAR….A nose to SMELL….A brain to THINK…A heart to FEEL! A mouth to SPEAK, TALK, and EXPRESS yourself with. All these remarkable senses: USE ’em before you LOSE ’em!

Another way to use your briliant senses would be subscribe to WWW and save me E-mailing you! Give me more time to speak, talk, communicate and express with you and others. Use MY senses, exercise my mouth. (Do not go there!)

Soooooooo talk to me, baby. Talk to me. Whisper sweet nothings (or somethings) in my ear. Yeah! Even lie to me.

That being said. Just don’t TWITTER, TEXT, FACEBOOK, or PROMPT me….HOMEY DON’T DO THAT….YET!!


Love & Blessings,


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