Author: Walter | Date: January 29, 2010 | Please Comment!

How are you doing? Good/not so good? OK/ambivalent? Do you know (or care)? Need, want, must have A CHANGE? Hmmmmmm.

That being said, we need to talk. What HAVE you been thinking? Not “stinking” I trust. Maybe you have NOT even given it a second thought other than enduring, complaining/explaining. WHATSUP? I mean WHAT IS UP????

We constantly ask others, even strangers, “How are you?” “How are you doing?” etc. (Whether we care or not) We rarely – if ever – ask ourselves the same. Why do you think that is?

Could be that if we really knew (or admitted it) we would need to do something about it? Possibly change aspects of our life that, though they aren’t working, we have become comfortable and complacent with? And the idea of changing anything just becomes overwhelming, frightening, impossible… soooooo we SUCK IT UP.  After all, we know what we have and how to handle, control and accept it, right?

Whoooaaa! Just a minute there, Buckaroo. Do what? How? Now? I think NOT!

Even if you don’t know HOW you are, do you know WHO you are? That YOU are remarkable, brilliant and deserving of the very BEST. A child of GOD, Who, by the way, don’t make no shit! (start translating that to Self Help Initiating Transformation)

All you need to do is ASK and YOU WILL RECEIVE: Answers to your questions. Solutions to your problems. Lightness to your darkness. Joys to your sorrows.

Yep! This and much more is available to you. Simply apply to GODs Exchange Programme (trade-ins encouraged). There is also a Replacement Centre that excels is special parts. It is open 24/7 – which rhymes with HEAVEN, which means I’M IN! How about YOU?

Do something about it. Take responsibility. Take back your power. IF NOT YOU…WHO? IF NOT NOW…WHEN?

When you know what you KNOW, you can’t NOT know it. Heh! Maybe you don’t know WHATSUP! only WHATSDOWN! (and OUT!)


Love and Blessings,


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