Author: Walter | Date: February 22, 2010 | Please Comment!

MY FUNNY VALENTINE…(as the song says). What’s so bloody funny about it? How about MY SERIOUS VALENTINE? It appears to me that it is taken very some instances, hysterically.


How many times did YOU hear it….even from the CHECK OUT LADY!!!!!! How do you feel if you don’t receive what you want/expect/desire/show-me-you-love-me stuff!!! Or are you smart, mature, evolved and secure enough to know that it’s a day that supports HALLMARK, FTD, GODIVA, TIFFANY, CREDIT CARDS. Y’know material stuff. NOT LOVE. Y’know caring stuff.

What if you do not recieve any of the above on FEB 14th? Do you feel less loved? Is it about what you will tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc.,what he/she did? (or DIDN’T do) Oh my! Now that’s not funny….Valentine.

That being said…do you know that you are loved 24/7/12 by GOD (and YOU.. should you choose). Oh no! Not THAT again. Yup! I can’t let up as you are apt to forget, and I consider it serious if you don’t know, feel and celebrate this!

Be your own VALENTINE. Show the world how blessed you are and how much YOU love YOU/THEM/EVERYONE! Remember you dont have to “like” to “love.” Ouch!

Let your light shine. Feel divine. And know that GOD loves you and so do I. Every day. Every way. You’re OK. Hooray! Let’s play!  STOP NOW, Walter.

HAPPY VALEN…Whoops!’ I’m only human.


(NOT funny!)

Love and Blessings,


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