Author: Walter | Date: April 4, 2010 | Please Comment!

As all of my friends/kids/students/mentees/clients/whomever KNOW for sure, this is my MANTRA and I encourage it to be theirs!

This does not excuse one (i.e. YOU) from taking a pro-active role in the design/creation of one’s life. On the contrary: be ambitious, intent, enthusiastic and excited regarding this.

However! If you choose to STRUGGLE, STRAIN, or PUSH, you will notice how every aspect of your life becomes a SSP? It’s your choice: EE or SSP? Or, in layman’s terms: VICTOR or VICTIM? WOW! Yep! Gotta tell you, that this how it works. The first time you could be a Victim. But the second time, you’re a volunteer!

Why is it sooooo difficult for us to realize that WE create OUR lives? How we percieve, receive, interpret, react, and respond is OUR CHOICE!

Stop taking everything so personally. Relax…Breathe…Pause…and just GET OVER YOURSELF! Know that ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER! (not YOUR order, but DIVINE order. And that’s definitely better!) Most importantly, don’t take yourself so seriously…no one else does.

That being said…

I KNOW that you have a remarkable, privileged, blessed LIFE! Celebrate what you do have and stop thinking about what you think is missing. The only thing “missing” is…..YOU!

RED ALERT!!!!! Man/Woman overboard! One of our aircraft is missing! ‘Houston! Houston! Whatever!

Gotta go. I need to eat, pray and celebrate EFFORTLESS EFFORT….


Love & Blessings,

By the way, no one is excused the ‘human experience’…not even Sandra Bullock! Ouch!

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