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Two construction workers stop for their lunch break. One of them takes out his sandwich and moans, “BOLOGNA! Not again! I have had BOLOGNA for the last three days. I am sick of it. I don’t even like it. In fact, I HATE it!” His buddy replied, “Well, why don’t you tell your wife?” To which the first guy said, “I don’t have a wife….I make my own sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!”

How much Bologna do YOU serve up to yourself and others? Every day, every way, you say, moaning/groaning/owning it. Sounds nasty! Helloooo! Whoooaaa! and all that! You CHOSE it? Busted!

Could it be that you need to change your diet? Not just your lunch menu, how about your LIFE MENU!! There is SO much to choose from.

You would’nt walk into a resturant and say, “I’ll take what ever you want to give me.” (Or would you?)

You would probably study the menu. Get opinions from the waiter and…deliberate! Deliberate! Deliberate! Exercise OPTIONS & CHOICES fully, and maybe ask for something not on the menu. Something special! I love “specials” – don’t YOU? All this of course, whilst pissing off dear friends who have already made their decisions. Thank God they love us! Such a test!

HOWEVER! As in life, we need to be clear, present and AWARE when it comes to what we like/don’t like. What feels good/not good. What satisfies, fulfills, and delights us. And what’s distasteful, disturbing, or upsetting. You may want to chew on this for while…(no pun intended.)

That being said…

It could be that it is time to take seriously what IS on your LIFE MENU. Not just in your lunch box!

Whether you order ‘IN’ or ‘OUT’ (‘IN’ would probably be better). Be clear and present when you ORDER.
Remember it’s your CHOICE. Your DECISION. Your LIFE. Your MENU. YOU’RE WORTH IT!

As Auntie Mame states (and Uncle Walter often quotes), “LIFE IS A BANQUET AND MOST POOR SOBs
Be sure you are not one of them! Because GOD wants the BEST for you!
And so do I!

So don’t over season. Chew everything well (that’s deep). Be conscious of what’s on your plate (that’s deeper). Please don’t talk with your mouth full – your company may not appreciate your choices (whoooa, deepest).


Love and Blessings,

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