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Nothing ever happened in the past: it happened in the NOW. Nothing will ever happen in the future; It WILL happen in the NOW’  – Echart Tolle


Yes! My darlings…It is time for us all to put away all the excuses for why we cannot ‘ Live the life that we were intended to live’.  Now is the time for us to let go of the thoughts of  Fear, Lack, Doubt, and Worry.

In spite of appearances these thoughts have no power over us. There is only one power and you know what that is! Duh!

Don’t be so ready to hand over your power  to whomever! whatever!


When we choose/know to live fully in spirit, we are guided, protected, directed to our greatest-yet-to-be.

Yes! NOW is our time to not only step up our powerbut to live from our power.

When you make this commitment  you will discover that  power  flows through you easily, effortlessly.

The right people will flow into your life at the right time to provide and support you to fulfill who/how you were created to be and live your life.

Yes! Now is the time to awaken to your magnificence..your brilliance….your power…to the NOW.

NOW is the time to let your light shine…dazzle…illuminate…permeate!

There is only one life…and that life is NOW!   So There!


Stay enlightened… present…and in the NOW!…NOW! 

Love and Blessings   Walter


Inspired by Eugene Holden-SOM



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