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‘To be yourself  in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is  the greatest accomplishment’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

‘Be yourself….For everyone else is taken’ – Oscar Wilde

‘To be a successful human being is not only true success…but the only success that matters’  – Walter Holmes

 Woe is ME!  

I know that there is only one of ME!…one of   YOU!…one of  EVERYONE!

Which makes us all…’One of a kind’ … an ‘Original’ ‘Unique’… Special!

Being a human…A human Being who knows and believes this and living in this society of ‘Fit ins’…’Wannabees’‘ ‘Kardashinsbees’…‘ Neverwillbees’  etc. etc. ad nauseam ….IT IS NOT PRETTYYYYYY!

That being said.  

Being a human. A human being  is simply FASCINATING…EXCITING  and a ‘PRIVILEGE ‘.  The  BEST!!!

It is for me…How about you?????

I find that the more external pressures, society, social media etc insists that I be a certain way…as in ‘ORDINARY‘ the more I have to add that something ‘EXTRA’  to be  ‘EXTRA-ORDINARY’.

I choose to leave this planet celebrating  the  JOY! PRIVILEGE! and DELIGHT! of simply Being ME! HALLELUJAH!

Choose to be how GOD created you to be…. WOW!   Now!…That my Darlings IS  truly  SUCCESS! 

Yes! I’m talking about  YOU!  So There!

Stay Enlightened , and  EXTRA-ORDINARY!…. please!

Love and Blessings, WALTER







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