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GRATITUDE is not convincing/telling yourself that you have all that you could want/need/dream off! Oh! No No No!

(That’s the ‘mad monkey mind’ and it’s two best friends…Ego and Fear!)


It is acknowleding what ENOUGH looks/feels/tastes like.   Delightful! Delicious!


”Count your BLESSINGS and not your stressings’  (You may need to remind yourself and list them…Just saying!)

When you do I guarantee that you will have more BLESSINGS! than you can count/imagine… and never knew or realized!  Hmmmmmm?


The more GRATEFUL you are…the more you will have to be GRATEFUL for!  (The law of attraction)

Focus/celebrate on what you DO have…can DO...will DO!   Not on what you think you DON’T have/missing..can’t DO.!..Won’t DO!  BUSTED!  

That being said.

I am soooooo very GRATEFUL that you read this and did not delete ME! (Although it would be difficult  for me to imagine or believe?) So There!


I trust that you are  GRATEFUL that I am done and kept this shorter than usual.  Yes! I did!

Love and Blessings- Walter


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