Author: Walter | Date: February 11, 2018 | Please Comment!

‘You may say I’m a DREAMER…but I’m, not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one’ -John Lennon

I for one have joined! You?

I am most definitely a DREAMER.. Not in the sense that I just DREAM away life and not commit/fulfill/celebrate/share them.

Everything (and they are many,and very varied) that I succeeded at, were most wonderful, exciting, experiences…and they all were DREAMS!

Not once did I know/feel that any of them were ever possible! But they were and still are!  DREAM ON!

So…When did we stop DREAMING!, get stuck in this reality and cease to believe that ‘If we can DREAM it, we can ACHIEVE it’.

Oprah and many others did…and still do…Just saying!

We encourage/support our young people to follow their DREAMS!  That they can do and achieve anything!

Yes THEY can!…SO CAN YOU!… Busted!

So…Dust off you DREAMS…Create new ones…DREAM big!

There is no time or age limits on DREAMS. Plus they nourish the soul!


-Michael Phelps stated….’Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you DREAM, the farther you get’

(Terrific! Just what I needed to hear…Since I don’t/ can’t / never knew how to swim!  Hmmmm)

However!  That being said.

I can DREAM…Oh! Yes! How I can DREAM!..and intend to continue…BIGGER, BETTER, more BEAUTIFUL than EVER! So There!

How about YOU?

Love & Blessings. DREAM ON!





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