Author: Walter | Date: September 16, 2018 | Please Comment!

Release the NEED to CONTROL and be open to DIVINE solutions.

There are many challenging situations in life that spur drama and diverts our attention. Anxiety, stress and the NEED to have things our way may prevent one from thinking clearly.

With such limited focus it is so easy  to miss/loose sight of a bigger and better perspective!!!

Plus it can create tension in your body that will restrict the flow of ideas and alternatives to the brain…not to mention LOVE to you heart.  Really…OMG!

In circumstances like this…BREATHE...Lay your burden down…’LET GO and LET GOD’!

Allow the flow of alternative ideas to flow from SPIRIT as creative solutions come to mind.

When you loose the NEED  to  CONTOL..INNER WISDOM will reveal the right/best/ answers!

‘HELLO!!! can I hear a AMEN!

In other WORDS from WALTER…’Count your ‘BLESSINGS and not your STRESSINGS’

‘Get over yourself! Stop taking yourself so seriously…cause nobody else does!!!

Pity parties…just don’t work…but a  a compassion cocktail??? Now! thats a great idea/alternative!


P L E A S E…LET GO’ and know that ‘GOD LOVES YOU…and SO DO I’ ( now that ain’t shabby)











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