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The life of Walter Holmes is richly interwoven with creativity, experience, insight, spirituality, and of course – STYLE! His qualifications to advise, guide, and inspire others stem directly from his own philosophy, style of living, rich cultural enlightening and extraordinary experiences. Walter has been described as an artist, philosopher and a Renaissance man. He has been sharing his views on life and advising others towards overall well-being and improving their quality of life for many years.

According to Walter, “the most important relationship you will ever have (other than with God) is with yourself and the most valuable object you will ever own is YOU – so treat your body like a temple and not a tavern. It is most attractive and desirable.” An international award-winning designer, media personality and entrepreneur, Walter plays down his monumental success in the fashion and business worlds, but will brag and rejoice loudly in his success as a human being. He attributes his accomplishments to his ability to “use his mind as a tool and not as a weapon.” He is a strong proponent of Eastern philosophy, which proposes to look within ourselves for solutions instead of outside ourselves and to others…after all…what do they know?

Walter is also a accomplished and prolific Yoga Teacher – although he prefers to be called a guide…

click here for the full interview for the PBS series RoadTrip Nation.

As Walter has discovered, “everything we desire such as peace of mind, good health, security, success, prosperity and abundance, and yes, even love, is already in every one of us as our universal birthright. But these get lost, camouflaged confused and even replaced with negative conditioning and external pressures from society at large.”

Because of his own life experiences, he has a commitment to introduce the balance and harmony he has achieved to others. Walter continues to expand his horizons by advising, encouraging, and inspiring others in their pursuit of the same. Still expressing his creativity as a designer, he has turned his focus inward, from the body to the soul. Many of Walter’s clients have enjoyed and received great benefits from his simple yet powerful approach on how to live a healthy, joyful and fulfilled life. Walter has chosen to live his life by taking the responsibility and the time to do the work to discover who he is and what works best for him. This he advocates for everyone with great passion and enthusiasm.

As he states: “This way not only works, but it is also fun…in fact, it’s fabulous. The “other” way – that is, living according to the dictates and conditioning of society and focusing on the negative and what is missing( or we think is) – simply does not work and more importantly, is just plain B-O-R-I-N-G!” And we certainly can’t have that, now can we?

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