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The MSA Programme is a series of 3 one-on-one conversations with Walter all about you, your life, your passions, your dreams and your fears.

The discussions are predicated upon a thought-provoking and self-introspecting questionnaire and will provide you with alternative approaches to assist you in making changes to improve every aspect of your life (i.e. personal, career, relationships, leisure).

Additionally, this will include tools and proven techniques to support you, inspire you, and guide you to living your life to its fullest potential. Your entire well-being – mind, body and spirit – will be explored.

Each session will include instruction in correct breathing, stretching, and the art of relaxation. This will enable you to be open and receptive to all that is new and good.

As stated by Walter, “The good news is that we each have the opportunity and the ability to exercise options and choices on how our life unfolds. Life is not a series of problems to be solved, but a grand celebration to be thoroughly experienced.”

Walter’s clients and friends will attest that he has accomplished exactly this.

Why not you?

Walter takes on new clients through referrals only.

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