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‘LIFE is not measured by the number of BREATHS we take, but by the moments that take our  BREATH away’


My  peace I give you, my wealth I give you, my health I give you, my freedom I give you!


By  YOU being mindful to step through the open door and accept/embrace YOUR good by experiencing LIFE as it is presented to YOU to the fullest.”

-Rev.Dr Christian Sorensen.

LIFE is a banquet…but most poor son-of-a bitches are starving to death!!!

-Auntie Mame

 ‘LIFE is not a series of problems to be solved…but a privelige and joy to be celebrated and shared.

It really doesn’t matter how you die…but how you live. Once you dead…LIFE ain’t worth living’!!!  So There!

-Uncle Walter Holmes

Love and Blessings

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‘Mirror Mirror on the wall…who is the fairest of them all?’

-Snow White ?

Are you sure you want to do this? Realllllleeeeee? OK!

When/if you look in the MIRROR...what you see is a reflection of your own thinking, your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, experiences, etc… Your LIFE!

The GOOD, the bad, the ugly and the BEAUTIFUL.   Yep! all yours.!

Now it may not be what you thought/like what you see…but there it is just looking right back acha yer! C’mon smile!

But here’s the great news. YOU can change, alter, refine, improve or let go of whatever you choose….providing that YOU are ready to take the responsibility and do the work! ‘Know what I mean?’

Soooo….Stop looking for what is wrong and start seeing what is RIGHT…take back your power and be responsible for what ever you want to change…why you may even LIKE! LOVE! SMILE! at what you see…and if you don’t…at least know/remember


Love and Blessings  – Walter

‘I’m starting with the man/woman in the MIRROR, I’m asking him/her to change their ways’  So There!

-Michael Jackson

-Walter Holmes








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The TIME to change was YESTERDAY..The TIME to wake up is TODAY!

-Judge Judy

‘You can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind’

-Kirsty Mailer

‘Don’t give in to the negative STINKING THINKING…Give in to the POSITIVE PRODUCTIVE ACTION’ So There!

-Walter Holmes

Love and Blessings.


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GRATITUDE is not convincing/telling yourself that you have all that you could want/need/dream off! Oh! No No No!

(That’s the ‘mad monkey mind’ and it’s two best friends…Ego and Fear!)


It is acknowleding what ENOUGH looks/feels/tastes like.   Delightful! Delicious!


”Count your BLESSINGS and not your stressings’  (You may need to remind yourself and list them…Just saying!)

When you do I guarantee that you will have more BLESSINGS! than you can count/imagine… and never knew or realized!  Hmmmmmm?


The more GRATEFUL you are…the more you will have to be GRATEFUL for!  (The law of attraction)

Focus/celebrate on what you DO have…can DO...will DO!   Not on what you think you DON’T have/missing..can’t DO.!..Won’t DO!  BUSTED!  

That being said.

I am soooooo very GRATEFUL that you read this and did not delete ME! (Although it would be difficult  for me to imagine or believe?) So There!


I trust that you are  GRATEFUL that I am done and kept this shorter than usual.  Yes! I did!

Love and Blessings- Walter


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‘People WILL forget what you said…People WILL forget what you did…but People WILL never forget how you made them FEEL’ -=Maya Angelou

‘Dear God….Make me taste my words before I spit them out and be sure they are tender…because I may have to…. EAT THEM TOMORROW!  So There!

‘Watch your Words’   – Walter Holmes



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‘Close you eyes…be still, quiet and…breatheeeee’

Let’s pretend, just for today…all day long, throughout our every thought and decision, that life is easy. (Yes! I said EASY), that everyone means well and is kind, considerate and patient. That time is on our side, Okay? and lets pretend that we are loved beyond belief, that magic conspires on our behalf, and that nothing or no one can ever hurt us without our consent. All right?

And if we like this game, and how it feels, we’ll play tomorrow as well…the next day and the next day, and pretty soon, it won’t be a game at all, because life for us, will become all these things and more. Just as it’s became what it is today’.

You’re getting warmer,

The Universe.

Adapted from Tut.


Know that everything will be fine in the end…and if it isn’t…then my Darlings…IT AIN’T THE END’    So There! 

Love and Blessings,  Walter.




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CLUTTER...Do you ever look around you?…inside you?..outside you!?.and think/say…’I gotta get rid of this CLUTTER‘.

Hello!  Who doesn’t.  Even if you don’t say it…admit it.  We all  think about it and know it’s true.


How did this happen? When did this happen? I can’t believe this happened!

The truth is it happened!  and here you are ‘Up to your arse in CLUTTER!

This translates into a CLUTTERED mind…a CLUTTERED life…a CLUTTERED being who  needs big time deCLUTTERING!

Yep! I am talking to you…don’t even think about denying it!  You just got busted!

That being said.


Waddya gonna do?  Live in denial?  Live with your CLUTTER...I don’t think so!

So let’s get motivated…How? Well first of all BREATHE...deeply and often.


Now…Only that which you are using/wearing…unpacked…removed the tags stays! Oh! My!

Start with what you don’t use…haven’t used…don’t need…won’t need…avoided…hidden..even forgotten!

Y’know the stuff that you can’t live without or you will die!  Well you didn’t and you won’t unless you suffocate from CLUTTER!

(Yes! I’m still talking to you.)


You must be honest and disciplined about this…not woursey!.

Once and for all it’s time to deCLUTTER...remove…give…donate…lighten your load and  LIFE!

BTW!  This also applies to people!

Please don’t call me to help! I have my own shit…whoops I mean CLUTTER to deal with!!!

Your new mantra is ‘CLEAN IT and MEAN IT!’….SO THERE!

Love and Blessings,  Walter

PS  YES! I’m back!




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WHEN did we start stuffing ourselves more than the bird? WHEN did it become a food fest for gorging and excessiveness? As if any of us need/want/like it (Groooooan) but we still do it? Busted!

That being said…let’s change the details of our thinking and instead start stuffing ourselves with GRATITUDE. Gorge on our everyday BLESSINGS.  Be excessive regarding LOVE/PEACE/JOY/FORGIVENESS.

Can I get an AMEN?

Let us GIVE THANKS every day, every moment. Not just once a year.

That being said.

When you wake up to another day…..THANK GOD!

When you look in the mirror and like what you see…..THANK THE MIRROR!

When you see the sky/sun/moon/stars…..THANK HEAVEN!

When you hear a voice you love to hear…..THANK GOD IT’S NOT A WRONG NUMBER!

When you say ‘I love you’ and mean it!….THANK GOD YOU MEAN IT!

When you give a smile and receive one…..THANK YOUR FACE!

When you hug and are hugged…..THANK THE HUGGER!

When you dance, sing, celebrate, do the Hokey Pokey…..THANK GOD! YOU WORK!

When you are healthy, fed, clothed, warm, safe…..THANK OUR BRAVE SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN!

When you read WWW (ego)…..THANK GOD!…and BILL GATES!

I can go on and on (as most of you know)…..however, I will trust YOU to continue with your own list of BLESSINGS and THANK YOUs.

Activate your thankfulness. When…. NOW!

You will be THANKful you did…and so will others.

Most of all THANK GOD that you are not a TURKEY!!! (at least on THANKSGIVING)


Love , Blessings…and THANKS for YOU!


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Yes! We must see MORE...give MORE...share MORE!

What ever you want to receive in life you must be it…live it…express it!

You want MORE  love…be/give MORE loving.

You want MORE  good…be/do MORE good.

You want MORE joy…be/express MORE  joy

You want MORE  good health…be/act/ do healthy.

Be MORE grateful and you will receive MORE to be grateful for.


It’s the law of attraction…What you send out Will come back!

What ever you desire…BE IT!

STOP!…Waiting…Wanting…Wishing?   This is not…Having…Duh!


Procrastination is the thief of time…and your life’

Stop! Thinking about it…and just do it!   So There!


Stay enlightened  and be/want MORE! MORE! MORE!


MORE…Love and Blessings,  Walter.



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‘Inside of  us there are two dogs.  One is mean and evil…the other is good…divine.

They  fight each other all the time.  Which one wins?…..’The one you feed the most’ 


Do you ‘Feed the Faith…and starve the Doubts?’ or reverse?

We experience good and evil because we perceive a presence of duality rather than unity.

Observe your thoughts…Listen to your words…watch your actions.

Are they positive or negative? Supportive or Defeative? Balanced? Imbalanced?

Know/remember ‘Whatever you feed flourishes…Whatever you starve dies’


You have the power…the choice to decide wisely. Oh! yes you do!

I trust you will choose that which will…Nourish/ Fulfill/ Energize and Inspire you.

Stay enlightened and ‘Watch what/who you feed!   Busted!   So There!

Love and Blessings,  Walter.




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