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WWW/Seren 2015.

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‘To be yourself  in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is  the greatest accomplishment’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

‘Be yourself….For everyone else is taken’ – Oscar Wilde

‘To be a successful human being is not only true success…but the only success that matters’  – Walter Holmes

 Woe is ME!  

I know that there is only one of ME!…one of   YOU!…one of  EVERYONE!

Which makes us all…’One of a kind’ … an ‘Original’ ‘Unique’… Special!

Being a human…A human Being who knows and believes this and living in this society of ‘Fit ins’…’Wannabees’‘ ‘Kardashinsbees’…‘ Neverwillbees’  etc. etc. ad nauseam ….IT IS NOT PRETTYYYYYY!

That being said.  

Being a human. A human being  is simply FASCINATING…EXCITING  and a ‘PRIVILEGE ‘.  The  BEST!!!

It is for me…How about you?????

I find that the more external pressures, society, social media etc insists that I be a certain way…as in ‘ORDINARY‘ the more I have to add that something ‘EXTRA’  to be  ‘EXTRA-ORDINARY’.

I choose to leave this planet celebrating  the  JOY! PRIVILEGE! and DELIGHT! of simply Being ME! HALLELUJAH!

Choose to be how GOD created you to be…. WOW!   Now!…That my Darlings IS  truly  SUCCESS! 

Yes! I’m talking about  YOU!  So There!

Stay Enlightened , and  EXTRA-ORDINARY!…. please!

Love and Blessings, WALTER







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Walter Holmes

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Nothing ever happened in the past: it happened in the NOW. Nothing will ever happen in the future; It WILL happen in the NOW’  – Echart Tolle


Yes! My darlings…It is time for us all to put away all the excuses for why we cannot ‘ Live the life that we were intended to live’.  Now is the time for us to let go of the thoughts of  Fear, Lack, Doubt, and Worry.

In spite of appearances these thoughts have no power over us. There is only one power and you know what that is! Duh!

Don’t be so ready to hand over your power  to whomever! whatever!


When we choose/know to live fully in spirit, we are guided, protected, directed to our greatest-yet-to-be.

Yes! NOW is our time to not only step up our powerbut to live from our power.

When you make this commitment  you will discover that  power  flows through you easily, effortlessly.

The right people will flow into your life at the right time to provide and support you to fulfill who/how you were created to be and live your life.

Yes! Now is the time to awaken to your magnificence..your brilliance….your power…to the NOW.

NOW is the time to let your light shine…dazzle…illuminate…permeate!

There is only one life…and that life is NOW!   So There!


Stay enlightened… present…and in the NOW!…NOW! 

Love and Blessings   Walter


Inspired by Eugene Holden-SOM



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There are old  SOULS...young  SOULS...Happy  SOULS...Sad  SOULS...and of course unfortunately R  SOULS.

It appears that there are a plethora of the latter.

It also appears that the R  SOULS  are just fine being so. For it seems possible to be ‘R’ and ‘Happy’ at the same time!

How rude and annoying!


That being said!  From one old…deliriously happy  SOUL to another (I trust).

What kind of SOUL are you?  How’s you’re SOUL doing?  Do you know? Care?

It is important to determine this.

For the SOUL is the essence of who we are.  How we  FEEl,  BE,  ACT,  LIVE.  Our CHARACTER!    Who would have thunk it?

Oh! Yes! This is a serious SOULFUL matter!.

Sooooo! Check out how your SOUL is doing.  How do you do this you may ask?


Do you live with an ‘ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE’?  


i’m sure you do if you are receiving and reading this…and that you are not an”R’ but a ‘HEALTHY, JOYFUL, GRATEFUL, BLESSED SOUL’.

One who shines their LIGHT...shares their LOVE and BLESSINGS.makes a difference in the world by being a LIVING,  LOVING, AUTHENTIC  EXAMPLE. Knowing that anything less is simply a wasted life…a wasted SOUL! So There!

Stay enlightened and…Walk on your toes to save you SOUL!

Love and Blessings,  WALTER




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‘Tis the season-WWW/Video

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SPIRITUALITY  is from  heart…the supports your SOUL…your true feelings…the TRUTH!

PRACTICALITY  is from the mind…the supports your FEARS...your doubts…LIES!

In addition PRACTICALITY will accomodate all the negative  ‘STINKING THINKING...creating a unhappy, unfulfilling life!


Connecting  you with everything that is your UNIVERSAL birthright. i.e. LOVE, LIGHT, GOOD HEALTH, JOY, FULFILLMENT, PROSPERITY!  Hello! Can I hear an AMEN! 

That being said!

I will not bother to go into the obvious opposite aspects from all the illogical, practical, fear based, lack ‘MIND OVER CHATTER’  aspects.

GET IT!  If you don’t ?   EXCUSSSSSE ME!  ‘DIP INTO THE CLUE BAG’!  There is a message for you.

GOD  wants the BEST FOR YOU!  All you have to do is to  ‘BELIEVE IT…TO RECEIVE IT!…DOUBT IT…YOU’LL LIVE WITHOUT IT’?   

This I know for sure.   SO THERE!

Stay Enlightened,  SPIRITUAL,  Aware!    Love and Blessings.  WALTER




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Dear HEARTS,  Do you ever think about your HEART?  How it is? How it feels? Whats going on inside?

Is it Healthy…Happy…Strong…Good…Forgiving…Compassionate..Loving?

Do you Know?…Care?. You need to, for it is the only one that you will ever have…all being well that is!

Remember that a ‘Happy  HEART  is a healthy  HEART’  and that is the HEART of the matter!


Yes! I am talking about that remarkable, wonderful, incredible HEART  that keeps you alive and ticking! Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Please may I hear an AMEN?

That being said.

It is important to be aware of what is in our HEARTS...also the HEARTS  of others.

Listen to your  HEART…not your head!  The  HEART  tells you the truth…The head lies!

Oh! how it lies!!!


Know that  ‘Home is where the HEART is’.

Is your HEART at home?…or wandering…on a fear filled mindless journey? Lost in the desert of life?

The shortest and most valuable journey you will ever take is…‘From your head to your HEART’  no reservation or luggage necessary!  A great trip!

Sooooooooo  ‘Feel more…Think less’

The  HEART  is a terrible thing to waste!    I repeat…A terrible thing to waste!    So There!

Stay Enlightened and ..’Bless your HEARTS’ .  Love and Blessings.  WALTER



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LIFE is a precious gift to cherish…to LIVE...and to explore. Along with the gift of LIVING, we are given tools to grow and succeed.

Among these gifts, we are given strength to keeping going when times get tough. We find a storehouse of energy within us.

Our hearts are infused with courage and steadfastness to keep our commitment strong.

We are given wisdom and understanding to make right choices.

GOD’s light illuminates our path, leading us around…over…and through any stumbling blocks to fullfillment.

And we are given LOVE.   We have LOVE  to share as we cultivate the many blessings of LIFE.

We are precious…We are ourselves gifts to the world.   SO THERE!     Daily Word Oct 13th 2013

Stay Enlightened and cherish your… AMAZING…REMARKABLE…BLESSED  LIFE.   

Love and Blessings,  Walter

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