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‘Tis the season-WWW/Video

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SPIRITUALITY  is from  heart…the supports your SOUL…your true feelings…the TRUTH!

PRACTICALITY  is from the mind…the supports your FEARS...your doubts…LIES!

In addition PRACTICALITY will accomodate all the negative  ‘STINKING THINKING...creating a unhappy, unfulfilling life!


Connecting  you with everything that is your UNIVERSAL birthright. i.e. LOVE, LIGHT, GOOD HEALTH, JOY, FULFILLMENT, PROSPERITY!  Hello! Can I hear an AMEN! 

That being said!

I will not bother to go into the obvious opposite aspects from all the illogical, practical, fear based, lack ‘MIND OVER CHATTER’  aspects.

GET IT!  If you don’t ?   EXCUSSSSSE ME!  ‘DIP INTO THE CLUE BAG’!  There is a message for you.

GOD  wants the BEST FOR YOU!  All you have to do is to  ‘BELIEVE IT…TO RECEIVE IT!…DOUBT IT…YOU’LL LIVE WITHOUT IT’?   

This I know for sure.   SO THERE!

Stay Enlightened,  SPIRITUAL,  Aware!    Love and Blessings.  WALTER




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Dear HEARTS,  Do you ever think about your HEART?  How it is? How it feels? Whats going on inside?

Is it Healthy…Happy…Strong…Good…Forgiving…Compassionate..Loving?

Do you Know?…Care?. You need to, for it is the only one that you will ever have…all being well that is!

Remember that a ‘Happy  HEART  is a healthy  HEART’  and that is the HEART of the matter!


Yes! I am talking about that remarkable, wonderful, incredible HEART  that keeps you alive and ticking! Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Please may I hear an AMEN?

That being said.

It is important to be aware of what is in our HEARTS...also the HEARTS  of others.

Listen to your  HEART…not your head!  The  HEART  tells you the truth…The head lies!

Oh! how it lies!!!


Know that  ‘Home is where the HEART is’.

Is your HEART at home?…or wandering…on a fear filled mindless journey? Lost in the desert of life?

The shortest and most valuable journey you will ever take is…‘From your head to your HEART’  no reservation or luggage necessary!  A great trip!

Sooooooooo  ‘Feel more…Think less’

The  HEART  is a terrible thing to waste!    I repeat…A terrible thing to waste!    So There!

Stay Enlightened and ..’Bless your HEARTS’ .  Love and Blessings.  WALTER



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LIFE is a precious gift to cherish…to LIVE...and to explore. Along with the gift of LIVING, we are given tools to grow and succeed.

Among these gifts, we are given strength to keeping going when times get tough. We find a storehouse of energy within us.

Our hearts are infused with courage and steadfastness to keep our commitment strong.

We are given wisdom and understanding to make right choices.

GOD’s light illuminates our path, leading us around…over…and through any stumbling blocks to fullfillment.

And we are given LOVE.   We have LOVE  to share as we cultivate the many blessings of LIFE.

We are precious…We are ourselves gifts to the world.   SO THERE!     Daily Word Oct 13th 2013

Stay Enlightened and cherish your… AMAZING…REMARKABLE…BLESSED  LIFE.   

Love and Blessings,  Walter

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IMAGINATION…’Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions’ – Albert Einstien


It is written that GOD created mankind in his IMAGE.   WOW!  I Wouldn’t want that responsibility or credit!

That being said.

I do realize/recognize/acknowledge the power and results of IMAGERY.

Twenty four  seven we are projecting mental pictures and IMAGES . Yes! even when sleeping.


There is nothing that happens in the world today that someone has not IMAGINED!  

The Good…the Bad…the Beautiful…the Ugly were/are all  IMAGINED  by someone…somewhere!  Scary!

Can I hear an AMEN?

We are very powerful. Therefore we must know this and use our  IMAGINATION  in good…loving…productive…supportive and peaceful ways.

Starting with ourselves.  IMAGINING  ourselves  HEALTHY, HAPPY, FULFILLED, PEACEFUL, LOVING, KIND, COMPASSIONATE , GOOD.   Projecting this out and into the world.   Seeing it, feeling it, Knowing it, Owning it.

We have the  GOD given power to IMAGINE and accomplish whatever we choose and/or desire…IMAGINE that!

Sooooo…Please be careful and responsible where your  IMAGINATION goes…flows. Busted!

Stay Enlightened and  just IMAGINE !  Yes! I said  IMAGINE !  So There !    

Love and Blessings,  Walter



Recommended listening. John Lennon  ‘IMAGINE’.



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MIRACLES...Do you believe in MIRACLES...are you MIRACLE minded.?

I am…and here is why. I experience MIRACLES  every day…every way…moment to moment!

BTW  So do YOU!   Yes! YOU do!

I woke up today to a another day…a new day…ready to  experience  all the  BLESSINGS  and  MIRACLES  that I always look forward to, and am ready to receive.   As usual there they were…one after another and another!

‘BRING THEM ON ‘ was is my affirmation/reaction.

The sun was shining…The sky was brilliant blue…I felt  HEALTHY! HAPPY!   It was already a spectacular day!

All my basic needs provided for.  Also my family and loved ones were/are healthy…doing  great!   Wow!

MIRACLES…MIRACLES…MIRACLES!   and  they continued through the day…even getting bigger and better!

I could certainly go on and on listing them but ‘A’ I know you get it! and ‘B’ I know you would prefer that I don’t.  So I won’t!


However!  I will just say that if you are waiting for the Red Sea to part…’A’ It aint going to happen and ‘B’ you aint no Moses!

Sooooo Just get over  IT  and  YOURSELF!  and know that  ‘YOU  are  A CHILD OF GOD ‘ and  are experiencing

MIRACLES  and  BLESSINGS   24/7.   All you have to do is to be  ‘ MIRACLE MINDED’   and aware of them…MIRACLES  that is!

It feels so incredible…remarkable, and quite delightful!…I might add.  Such a lovely way to spend the day!


I am so grateful/thankful that I don’t have to wait for the Red Sea to part…or anything else for that matter  as…

‘A’  I am not at all patient!  and  ‘B’  unlike Moses I don’t want all those people following me!  PERlease! Can I hear a AMEN!

That being said!

I will take the easy, breezy way and just hang out with GOD and accept…recieve…(be greedy)…grateful..enjoy…celebrate all

the MIRACLES  that I can handle.   So There!

Stay Enlightened and  ‘MIND YOUR MIRACLES’.     Love and Blessings,  Walter






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Two very famous familiar quotes. But do we use them? State them? Understand them?

Do you?…I Do!    NOW!…THAT IS!  

I would winewant.praywander  why I was not receiving what I wanted.

Dip into the clue bag!   Hello!   I WAS NOT ASKING!   May I hear a  AMEN!


ASK! ASK! ASK!   Yes!  ASK!  ASK  again!…again!…and again!

It is OK!  Just keep ASKING!

However!  My Darlings do be clear about what you are  ASKING for…because you WILL receive it!

I know…because I did!  Yes! I did!  and I am not telling you what I asked for… but it is DIVINE!

Now…It may not be when/where/what/ or how you wanted.    But it WILL happen!

Not on your time…but on GODs  time! Which is always the right/best time.  

Oh! That reminds me…I need to check on the time…and my life!   So There!

Stay enlightened and keep ASKING and ASKING!

Love and Blessings. Walter


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What do you THINK?   How do you THINK ?  Why do you THINK?


THINK? THINK? THINK?…and may I say usually it’s ‘STINKING THINKING’

Unfortunately we live mostly in our  HEADS…instead of our  HEARTS! 

That being said.   Can I hear an  AMEN!  Thank you!


We need to stop THINKING about ourselves…every detail of our lives...THINKING that constantly THINKING… even over THINKING will provide solutions, change situations, bring you what you crave, desire, believe you need…must have or you will die!    Well, my darlings…You won’t…So don’t.  You may not even feel sick!  Oh! No!

So quit the  STINKING  THINKING!…BREATHE…RELAX....Get over yourself! Don’t take yourself..your life so seriously because nobody else does! Ouch!

‘LET GO…LET GOD!’  ‘FEED the FAITH…STARVE the DOUBTS’  etc.etc. ad nauseam!

Oh! Yeah!  I have a million of them. You may have heard them before, but did you HEAR them! Embrace them! Integrate them into your daily life…or simply la! la! la! over them and continue to THINK! STINK! THINK!  Busted !

FEEL more…THINK less’  ‘Listen with your HEART...not with your HEAD’ .

‘Use your mind as a TOOl...and not a WEAPON!’

Your life is the way you THINK it is!

Stay enlightened and out of your mind!  Its not a good place to hang around and look for real estate.    SO THERE!

Love and Blessings,  WALTER




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Click the link for full access:

Where is the LOVE


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INDEPENDENCE DAY. I am lobbying for an INDEPENDENT LIFE. How about you?

via Freedom.

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